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life lessons with jim burneka jr.

With close to 20 years under his belt in the fire service, Jim Burneka Jr. is a go-getter who has learned a lot of life lessons. The biggest one: “If you see something that bugs you, don’t be afraid to talk about it.”

Currently a full-time Dayton firefighter, founder of Firefighter Cancer Consultants, Trustee of Dayton Firefighters Local 136 and past president of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), communication has become a focus in every facet of Burneka’s life. Whether it’s with the guys at the hall, with his wife at home, speaking at conventions or interviewing someone for his podcast, two decades of firefighting have taught him that internalizing and bottling up issues leads to dark places. If he could tell his younger self one thing, it would be to TALK.

Read the full story in Crackyl Magazine: LIFE LESSONS WITH JIM BURNEKA JR. - CRACKYL Magazine



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