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“Faith to Rise: A Journey to Joy and Centering” by Julie Fitz-Gerald, along with a Companion Journal featuring weekly writing prompts. 52 weekly devotionals that are honest, relatable, and will inspire readers to embrace life – curveballs and all. Along with journaling prompts and discussion points inviting readers to go deeper, each weekly chapter features stunning photographs of landscapes in various seasons, showcasing the natural beauty of the world that surrounds us.

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This is a story about trial and triumph. It’s about a small-town girl with big dreams and the faith to realize them. It’s about fighting through life-threatening injuries and injustice to achieve a greater goal — and doing so with a level of determination, confidence, and grace that shines bright. As Jessica Phoenix’s sister, I’ve been privy to the backstory of how a Canadian Olympian is made… It’s a powerful blueprint that we can all use to overcome the inevitable curveballs life throws at us.

Jessica Phoenix & Julie Fitz-Gerald talk

"Rise: The Jessica Phoenix Story"

Olympic Equestrian Jessica Phoenix and her sister, author Julie Fitz-Gerald visit 105.5FM to talk about their new book "Rise" from Roar Publishing.

Interview with

'What She Said Talk'

Watch Julie's latest interview about RISE: The Jessica Phoenix

Story on What She Said Talk

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