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About Julie

As an author, freelance journalist, and editor, I love researching, interviewing and writing about diverse topics that matter to me, from faith to food to clean water. I’m a regular contributor to various national publications and also provide corporate writing services including newsletters, website copy, press releases and ghost writing. My faith has led me to produce a regular column for my local church, where I delve into daily inspirations that make life worth living.

I discovered my passion for writing as a lanky nine-year-old entering my first story into the grade-four literary guild. That’s when I realized that writing is only limited by one’s imagination and I was hooked! In high school I combined my nosy nature with my passion for the written word and found journalism.

I soon swapped hayfields and horses for the hustle and bustle of Toronto, Ontario, home to Ryerson University and its acclaimed School of Journalism. Here, I honed my craft and became a full-fledged journalism junkie. After completing my Bachelor of Journalism degree, I spent five years navigating the world of documentary production. It was hard-hitting, deadline-driven and full of government red tape.

However, my heart soon pulled me back to my roots: writing and country living. Swapping the hectic city for hayfields once more, I now enjoy the peaceful tranquility of country life, where my mind is clear and writing flows freely.



I strongly believe that words hold power and everyone has a story to tell. My promise to my clients is simple: Every word in its perfect place, delivering the message.

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