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Fire Fighting In Canada Article: Catching Zzzs

Chasing sleep – many first responders find themselves on this frustrating hamster wheel and are desperately looking for the exit. A shift finishes up, they drive home and attempt to wind down, only to lay in bed staring at the ceiling.

Getting a restful sleep can be complicated for a whole host of reasons, as a study in the Journal of Global Health (JGH) reported in October 2022. In the study, Prevalence of Sleep Disorders Among First Responders for Medical Emergencies: A Meta-analysis, the authors searched four research databases (Web of Science, Psych Info, CINAHL and PubMed) and ultimately focused on 28 studies that included 100,080 first responders. Interestingly, the JGH study represents the first meta-analysis used to explore and estimate the prevalence of sleep disorders among first responders for medical emergencies – and the findings are telling. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Shift work, trauma and drug or alcohol use are all common factors in sleep difficulties for first responders. PHOTO CREDIT: PHOTOGRAPHEE.EU/ADOBE STOCK

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