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Faith to Rise shortlisted for Two Literary Awards!

On September 17th, Christian writers across Canada gathered in their living rooms to watch The Word Guild's biggest night of the year - The Word Awards! I was thrilled to have Faith to Rise: A Journey to Joy and Centering shortlisted in the Published Devotional category.

Usually a black-tie affair, the gala moved online for the past few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, over a homemade steak dinner and the finest bottle of champagne (i.e., the non-alcoholic kind from our local Foodland!), my family gathered eagerly in the living room, expectant and nervous. My husband sat assuredly to my right, certain of my win - he's always my unwavering cheerleader. My mom, who knows everything about the horse world but is admittedly new to the writing world, looked a bit bewildered by the long list of categories. Finally, the emcees announced my category. We held our breath and... the win went to another deserving writer, David Kitz. Several emotions flooded me at once, but I firmly planted a smile on my face. "Maybe next year," I laughed. My mom gave me a consoling look. My husband immediately googled the winner. So, this is what an awards show feels like. Oomph.

Then something wonderful happened. As the ceremony was drawing to a close, the finalists for the Best Book Prize were read. I was stunned! Faith to Rise had made the list, along with two other finalists. I held my breath as the winner was revealed. I didn't win that category either, as it turned out, but simply being in the top three for Best Book of the Year was THRILLING! This was the first time I had the courage to enter my book into a literary contest and to say I've been encouraged would be an understatement. This whole experience has reminded me that we must bravely pursue the unique giftings God has given us, even if it's scary, even if we don't win. Every opportunity taken is one step closer to God's full, glorious plan for our lives.

Congrats to all of the finalists and winners of the 2022 Word Awards! Check out the list here and order their books for your next read - the talent is incredible! You can watch the Awards Celebration here. Faith to Rise & its Companion Journal are available here.

Until next time, keep on rising my friends.


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