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CTV Article: Swapping skates leads to new Olympic journey for former hockey star

By Julie Fitz-Gerald

From a complete unknown in the speed skating world to a future shining star, Ryan Gibson, 23, is learning the ropes of the sport and aiming for an Olympic debut.

A former hockey player with the Ontario Junior Hockey League’s Kingston Voyageurs, Gibson attended an RBC Training Ground event in 2019 where his athletic abilities caught the eye of David Morrison, manager of sport development for Speed Skating Canada. “Ryan’s an example of the gems we’re finding through this program. He would have been completely unknown to us, but these events can jumpstart their careers, giving them the extra support that they need to make it onto the national scene and into the program,” said Morrison. [Read the full article here: ]

Former hockey star, Ryan Gibson trains with Speed Skating Canada. Photo credit: Eric Orlowsky.


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